My Collections

I am enthralled with all things related to fragrance: candles, perfumes, popery, etc.. So I wanted to share my collection of perfumes and candles with you. Though I sometimes wish I had a ‘signature scent’, I love too many to ever settle for just one.


  • Miss Dior Cherie: feminine and light with notes of jasmine and mandarin — worn best during the day
  • Chanel Chance: fresh, girly, and vibrant with spicy hints
  • Versace Bright Crystal: light and floral with an amber muskiness [my favorite!!]
  • Balenciaga Paris: both soft and peppery, delicate and strong — wears really well throughout the day
  • Thierry Mugler Alien: heavy, warm and woodsy, perfect for a night out
  • Happ & Stahns – Rosa Alba: clean and girly with a lingering scent of roses — it’s timeless


  • Illume – Balsam & Cedar: the most delicious winter candle from [Anthropologie]
  • Blithe and Bonny – Honey Almond: light and sweet with prominent almond undertones [Anthropologie]
  • Tyler Candle Company – High Maintainance: a deep, amber-esque candle with hints of vanilla [Grand Central Clothing]
  • Voluspa – Baltic Amber: an amazing woodsy, warm, amber candle that burns so well [Anthropologie]

I just can’t help but feel extra special when I light a candle in my room or spritz on a girly fragrance.


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