I Splurged..

Being a recent and currently unemployed college graduate, I stand behind posting fun AND affordable items for all budgets on this blog. However… there will always be exceptions. Earlier this month I celebrated my 22nd birthday, which resulted in some brag-worthy splurges that I am so grateful for, and very excited to share with you.

Voluspa Candle: This was a graduation gift, and I’m still obsessed. I am a huge fan of woodsy, amber-esque scents – like this one. This one from Anthropolgie is called ‘Baltic Amber’.

Lulu Lemons: This was probably one of my most exciting gifts. I’ve been wanting a pair of Lulu’s for years, and I am now a proud owner (thanks, Auntie!). These are a crop-fit, and are conveniently reversible! Totally worth the splurge, I think!

Tory Burch flats: This is my second pair of TB flats, and I swear by them. I bought this pair at Last Chance for only $70.00! I will save a discussion about Last Chance for a whole other post. Moral of the story – these are the most wearable flats in the world.

Voluspa Candle | Lulu Lemons | Tory Burch flats

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